Baba-Laria Restaurant & Bar

Delicious traditional Mozambican dishes, ice cold beers and cocktails

Baba-Laria Restaurant

Baba-Laria Restaurant at Villa N’Banga has a variety of food choices, ranging from prawns, fish, crab curry, Mozambique chickens, saucy ribs and steaks with homemade cheese sauce. We also try and make most of or food on the premises we have HOME MADE piri-piri sauce, burgers, rissois (prawn pies) and we also grow our own salads all ORGANIC!!!

As for Desserts and puddings our deserts are also made on the premises ranging from chocolate mousses, pancakes, waffles and ice cream.

Our food is of good quality and is consistent.

Specializes Mozambique dishes can be arranged for buffets for 14-80 guests (L M prawns / fish, PIRI-PIRI chicken, Piglet / letao, ribs and prawn pies ect)

Aquarium Exotic salt water fish tank, Beer Pong, Volley ball, snorkels, Dance Pole and canoes at the bar. Cash / Visa Card / Master card / American express accepted at the restaurant / bar.

Beach Cocktail Bar

Beach Cocktail bar has Exotic cocktails in coco-nuts, long yard glasses and don’t forget our famous PIRI-PIRI Tequila!!! Tipo Tinto Bucket special! We have hula skits for all sizes, Chinese lanterns, dance pole, hammocks and a chill lounge.

Tipo Tinto Bucket and Yard Glass Specials! Don’t forget our famous Piri- Piri Tequilla

Guests going on a drive/exertion the next day, food from the restaurant and drinks from the bar can be arranged for guests. A List can be made the night before. We have Local beers and cool drinks.

One of the Best Snorkeling area’s in Bilene. We have snorkels for rent and 2 2 man canoes