General Information

Useful information regarding our lodge, Bilene and Mozambique

Driving regulations and precautions:

The maximum speed limit is 15 to 25 km’s. NHABANGA VILLAGE and around the lagoon there are families and their children walking and playing in and around the beaches. Driving on or in local plantations is not permitted. Please do not interfere with fishermen as fishing is their livelihood. Please be considerate of others, your cooperation is much appreciated. Quads are allowed on the beach and car can go to a certain point.Fishing and boat and Jet Ski licenses in Bilene next to the garage/petrol station called Maritime. DRIVING ON SOME BEACHES IS NOT PERMITTED AND IF CAUGHT A FINE OF BETWEEN R2000 AND R7000 PER VEHICLE. BEWARE!!! BEWARE OF WHERE YOU CAN AND CANNOT DRIVE

Police and Medical:

A police station in Zonguene and Bilene. In the event of a medical emergency, there is a 24h private clinic and a government clinic in Bilene, major medical emergencies will require evacuation. The nearest big Private Clinic is in Maputo 200km away, but now there is a 24hour private clinic in Bilene close to the Bilene Hotel a green building, BUT STILL PLAY SAFE!!! There is an air strip in Bilene 800m air strip.

Groceries and Fuel:

There are 4 shops around Nhabanga Village with basic goods (cold drinks, beers, cigarettes ect). In Bilene there is a small market for basic food ingredients (tomatoes, bread, long life milk ect). Petrol/Diesel is available in Bilene + -@R18.00 per liter and Unleaded petrol is also available.


Malaria is still prevalent in Mozambique. It is advisable to PROTECT yourself from dusk till dawn. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE!


This can be done by the locals for a fee. Please bring own detergent.

Cell Phone Signal

We do have cell phone signal at the Villa N’Banga. To phone SA +27/0027 and for local numbers leave the 0 off.

Staff Remuneration

This is not compulsory – any contributions would be appreciated and may be given to management directly or to staff.

Heat and Climate

Temperatures in the summer months can reach temperatures as HIGH as 45 c, so be prepared. Make sure that you are equipped with adequate sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and even T-shirts can help a lot.

4×4 Vehicle Rentals from Maputo

Euro rent: +258 21485572/3

Espresso rent a car: +258 21431663

Avis: +258 21467007

Imperial: +258 21418878

Rules and Regulations

Any loss or damage to property will be at the expense of the guest.

A deposit is required on arrival.

No vehicles or 4 wheelers beyond the designated signs.

No vehicles or 4 wheelers on grass or garden paths.

No candles, for your safety and others.

No littering.

General Respect / Consideration

Consideration and care must be shown for the safety of others including, fauna and flora both in the water and on land.

Electrical appliances

Electrical appliances containing heating elements, eg: hair dryers are permitted please bring your own.

Management will not be held responsible for any theft / loss of property whatsoever or any injury that may occur.