Location and Directions

Map and Directions to Villa N’Banga in Bilene Southern Mozambique

4×4 only – True paradise has no tared roads!

A 4×4 is needed from Bilene to Villa N’Banga. Transfer/shuttle is needed to the villa it will be R150 or 500mts (Mozambique currency) transfer to Villa N’Banga and back to Bilene per guest and luggage. We have a safe place to park your car in Bilene – 200mts / R70 to park your car per day.

Travelling time from Nelspruit to Villa N’Banga/Nhabanga is + 6 hours.

The road has improved with red sand making it more accessible by normal car now.

If a transfer/shuttle is needed to the villa it will be R100/500 meticais per person and luggage to Villa N’Banga and back to Bilene. We have a safe place to park your car in Bilene at R50/250mts per car per day. We are on a 13km red sand road.

  • Nelspruit to Komatipoort boarder is +- 1 hour
  • At the border get all your documents ready
  • DO NOT CHANGE RANDS FOR METICAIS (THE LOCAL CURRENCY) with the locals – they are big con artists ON THE MOZAMBIQUE SIDE. Please you can change and use Rands everywhere in Mozambique.
  • Komatipoort to Maputo is + 100km. You will go through 2 tollgates, the first is + 50km from Komatipoort, the second is just before you enter Maputo. Payment is in Meticas, Rands or US$.
  • From Maputo you must follow the directions to Xai-Xai.
  • The traffic in Maputo is BUZZY so take it slow and relax.
  • On leaving Maputo head for XAI-XAI it is 165km to a town called MACIA.
  • At Macia turn right off the main road to Bilene. (BP on left) it is +- 33km from Macia to Bilene.
  • On entering Bilene take the left turn and head straight till you reach a T-Junction and turn left, the market will be on your left.
  • Just past the market is a Restaurant called Chin-Chin with a dirt road next to it, BIM Bank is on the other side, this is where you will see another Villa N’Banga sign turn left onto the dirt road.
  • Follow the signs NHABANGA/VILLA N’BANGA(green Florcent)/Nhabanga Paradise for 13km’s short cut or 23km.
  • 4×4 REQUIRED from Bilene to Villa N’Banga
  • Advise: At the dirt road : Let your tires down to 1 bar (count to 100 slowly and let the air out of your tires, if you do not have a pressure gage and keep momentum. Set your Speedo for 13/23km’s and keep momentum).
  • GPS CO-ORDINATES S025-15-12.47 / E033-20-35.04
  • Please try and let us know when you are leaving Bilene on the 13/23km dirt road then we know what time to expect you
  • Have safe and pleasant journey see you on the other side!